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Just erp and rp almost no rules

We are a small community who have a server for the game Valheim, we want to incorporate RP aspects into this server but right now we need numbers.

Floof'n'Friends is a place for floofs and friends a plenty! A wonderful place to chill and rave about wonderful creatures and the like! Join today and spam your pets or animals/etc that aren't your pets as well~

Hello, i made a discord for everyone who wants to join here. Feel free to come and play with me.

A community server where you can hang out with friends or play games. Our staff are always supportive

Hey!! glad you found this server! In this server you'll find new peeps with probably your same interests . all peeps in this server follow the rules and guidelines. if any concerns or questions please feel free to dm the owner ~ kam<3#5601 hope you enjoy

Play the game that takes over my life life as much as it does yours! Meet new gamers where you can talk, stream, and enjoy your free time in the only way we know how.

WELCOME TO THE KICKBACK SPOT A chill, active Community/Anime/Gaming server to chat, hangout and make friends with!

WE OFFER: -animemes -memers -active voice channels -organized server -sfw only -streamers -dark humor -lots of bots and emotes -artworks -friendly people/staff -mooooooooooooar!!! πŸ”₯its always funπŸ”₯

Just a place to hand out, use the bots, and talk with each other nothing serious.

Horoscope Hangout is a fun place to meet new people. Whether you believe in Astrology, or just think it's a fun topic, this is a great place to meet friends.

JACKPOT OF HOUSE WINNINGS House shouldn't always win. Therefore when playing, the losses will be set on a public BTC address, reedemable from Jackpots!

We eat pop tarts and we also game cuz that's cool

My Server is about playing Warzone and making new friends.