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A town that focuses on the amazing Dank Memer World! Join to trade, enter in giveaways and more! When we hit 100 members we are hosting a 500k giveaway so hurry up!

This server is about creativity and art. Promote and show your own art! Share your own art and let others comment on it, to give tips or just encourage you! Getting and giving inspiration is also a bit part of our server. Every art type is welcome!!

a simple server for chatting, interacting, music, etc. dank memer is here too. this is so far my first advertised server so I'm sorry if there's a problem in the server. so see you there ;)

its all about having fun, making new friends, having a chat and being funny, so join us we are nice and have loads of fun people and bots to talk too.

A server made for Gaming and for Anime Fans

MinigiCraft is a Minecraft bedrock edition server where you can play many fun minigames!

Ein netter und lustiger Gemeinschaftsserver. Ein Server für vielseitiges Gaming. Schau doch mal vorbei :)

New emote server packed with Isekai Quartet Emotes (Overlord\KonoSuba\Youjo Senki\Re:Zero) so come and check it out! (9`・ω・)9

Ламповый сервер с милыми и нет девочками, с гулями и просто игроками)

───── ⋅☆⋅ ───Fan Zone─── ⋅☆⋅ ───── ➣︎Hello everyone! Fan Zone is a server meant for any kind of fandom! We welcome you to join us in our love of FNAF, Vivziverse, Among Us, Hollow Knight, Pokemon, SCP, Creepypasta, Undertale, Furry and more.....

Looking for a community server? Join Cherry Tree today!

Just an average Smash Bros. server with some not-so-average players.

This server is made for gaming and giveaways! You can meet new great people and play with them! Donations go to hosting new giveaways, and to the charity! Server is family friendly, so you wont find any pornographic material.

Our server is a great place to be and everyone here is super friendly. Our main goal is gaming but there are plenty of other things to do as well like an economy. We take all suggestions and anyone is free to join even if they don't play video games often

Hello, Do you want to study Japanese? join here! こんにちは、 英語を勉強したいですか? ここに入ってください!