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NSFW NEW 2020 Belle Delphine server

With overall cool people and some fun stuff The Peeps is a hangout place to talk about some cool topics and meet new people.

This is a community server that has fun bots, active members, and so much more! we are trying to reach 1k members so it would mean the world if you could join!

The Digimon Card Game is a competitive trading card game. Join Our Group and Get Involved! (English)

Basically a place for my empaths to gather safely and learn.

Un server para Charlar, jugar video-juegos como among us, dota, LOL, CS GO, etc. n.n

This is a small server that was dedicated to my youtube channel but, since then, I have quit becoming popular at youtube. This server offers a wide friendly community where you'll enjoy yourself. There's not much to see here, but you'll have a good stay!

Just Emoji and Emotes, Nothing more, Nothing Less, Nitro Emotes, and Cute Emotes and Cute Emoji

Castle of friends With chill,fun,gaming and some nsfw

Hey we're a comic server focused on just enjoying the medium and respecting people's tastes and opinions.

This server is dedicated to handpicking members for another server where we have faction wars. We also use this server for friendly convo and helping people get familiar with the bot Anigames.

Just a nice a calm place to relax, play with pokémon or talk with other people. Join some giveaways and play some games with others, this is your place to chill out!

Just chill and have a good time! Take a look-see around, have a discussion, use common sense! We love you and we're here for you, meow :))

Just a new server looking for members the server is basically for weebs and gamers and for people who are looking for friends