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Fun and active server looking for friendly users who want to interact and make new friends.

This server offers a variety of chats, soon to be coming roles (like colors), and a fully LGBTQ+/MOGII staff. There are different sections of the server, and a verification chat to stop trolls and raiders.

Hey! We're a friendly small group of players who all love a variety of games. We have our own Minecraft SMP server anyone is free to join, we all play a variety of games together such as Valorant, League of Legends, Among Us, CSGO, Eve Online, and more!

꒰꒰ 🌸🌿﹕ Wholesome, SFW, Cutesy and Friendly Community!~ ໑ ‧₊ 🍧 Floral and Japanese themed! <3 💤 .,゚・:*。˚୧

This server is all about the gaming community! Join to find new members to play with or join one of the many text channels and voice channels to talk to new people!

Hello my name is Daelen I am a small content creator on YouTube. I created this server for people can chill and meet new people or have time to cool down if they had a rough day. If you feel like joining go ahead I can wait to see u in chat.

Dürüst çalışma, botsuz bir sunucu oluşturduk. Yüksek vaatler yerine doğru iş doğru tercih çalışma ahlakı haline getirdik. Güler yüz ve iyi hizmet vermekte kararlıyız.

Under construction...

Hello there I am in the process of trying to create a hub for gamers who are always looking for people to play with!! If you are interested in join feel free and help us grow!!!

☕✨Shortcake✨☕ A SFW chill & wholesome server for members of the sapphic community «───────˚₊꒦꒷︶︶꒰🍓꒱︶︶꒷꒦ ₊˚───────»

Welcome, this is a server for all kinds of people! Do you have a good imagination and want to create gorgeous scenes in your head? Do you like to have fun? EXACTLY! Come on in and lets play some tabletop games, chill, chat, and maybe make some memories!

Komm vorbei und lass dich begeistern von einer einzigartigen Community!

Join our discord server we are a gaming discord server we play among us and we are also a game developer server as well we do nitro giveaways and we have both egirls and eguys! Our server is genuinely cool https://discord.gg/ExfCrSK

NSFW NEW 2020 Belle Delphine server

With overall cool people and some fun stuff The Peeps is a hangout place to talk about some cool topics and meet new people.