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A server for my minecraft server

Just a chill place to be to be honest :P

searching for a unique community server for teens 13-21? Well welcome to Light City! Light City is a, welcoming, friendly, Chill and Active community, if your looking for friend, or feeling down, or bored, you can always come to Light City

Still work in progress but please join.


New server have fun and chill

Heyy! This is an server to copy some cute/funny stuff (fonts, small arts ect.) we would love it if u join! were still small but it might change and u can help! Tysmβ™‘οΈŽ

We chill, we chat, we play, we do stuff, but most importantly, we try to have fun with eachother!

Hello welcome to the KrustyKrab! We are here for a good and fun time! we have many bots and topics to chose from, we have an nsfw for you as well, we would love to have you as you can meet new friends, so join our small community and grow with us!

Join this server to join The Team Cursed Community! Team cursed is focused on bringing people together for an enjoyable gaming experience. We play Fortnite, Valorant, and a majority of other games. Meet with other gamers so you can play together!

State of San Andreas Roleplay. We are a PS4 roleplay community that realistically plays GTA 5. Please join as we need more members and especially recruiting staff members.

The Hive is a competitive & community-based esport organization competing in Brawl Stars, FIFA, and Call of Duty: Mobile. We hold tons of events and giveaways. Join for a great community and lots of fun.

British server to chill n dat ygm

Just trying to get a concentration of chill Apex players from all consoles

The Roost is a fun, friendly, diverse, non-toxic, and inclusive community for members all over the globe and from different backgrounds. Come join our wholesome community today!