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Welcome to BERSERK Market League of Legends.

just Danganronpa TikTok cosplayers, babies, and reaction accounts vibing.

Welcome to Exclusive! A fun SFW community hangout server for members to chat and connect in a safe space. 
Check us out!

A place where the gaming born! Grinder’s paradise, sweaty ladies, sweaty boys, also hot devil’s with their grindy score 😈 Welcome to everyone who wish a great experience.

We are a safe, welcoming server based on our love for anime/manga/gaming! This server does not tolerate any kind of racism, transphobia, homophobia etc. etc.. we always will accept anybody and everybody to join this server! We will be waiting<33

Excursion is all about discussions, having fun, positive vibes, and more! We have a wide range of topics however we're always listening to our community to help flourish the server!

✨ Big Chatting And Gaming Server

just here to vibe and have fun:)

This is the Official Dragon Ball server, and our goal is to reach 1000 members.

A chill BTS server for ARMYs to interact. We have: • many bots • various text channels • voice channels • chill atmosphere • custom emojis

here is what our server offers! ; a completely SFW and welcoming community. cute sanrio emotes! a good staff team that is respectful! we support LGBTQ+ and much more!

Just erp and rp almost no rules

We are a small community who have a server for the game Valheim, we want to incorporate RP aspects into this server but right now we need numbers.

Floof'n'Friends is a place for floofs and friends a plenty! A wonderful place to chill and rave about wonderful creatures and the like! Join today and spam your pets or animals/etc that aren't your pets as well~

Hello, i made a discord for everyone who wants to join here. Feel free to come and play with me.