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Our server is a community server with focus on the gaming community. We have good working staff that will always help our members at the easiest way as possible. In our server do we have bots such as MEE6, Rythm and we have a ticket tool for support.

Just a server to talk about anything, to make new friends will similar hobbies! Everyone is friendly!

Streaming gaming YouTube channels ect

I have a small server called 🍒cherriicxla🍒 where we’re pretty much open to anything, we are planning on hosting movie nights in the future, and have gaming VCs and chat as well. Also pronounced Cherry Cola.

Hello! Our server is meant to bring us together as a community, a chatting and promoting server meant to boost all of us. We are small at the moment, WE NEED YOU to join our discord server and spread the positivity and chattiness together!

We are an active 18+ Gaming, Cosplay, and Anime server! We're looking to build a supportive and loving nerdy community with other people who are just as excited to make friends.

This server is for gaming and NSFW, free stuff and exclusive giveaways only in this server

A Small Community server.

A server looking for talented people like you to keep the server alive! We host tons of giveaways, entertainment from my youtube channel as well as other youtube channels, talk with the community, play games, and have fun!

Homie Cuddle Room 2.0 is just a place for you to chill and cuddle with some homies

This is a discord where you can come into a fun community and share your work. - A Minecraft building discord! - Share! - Get Help! - Rank up! - Giveaways! Join for a epic experience!

Hello, and welcome to The Playtime Mansion♡ here we offer; ➵ Friendly and active staff ➵ Not only human characters, but the supernatural too ➵ Monthly events ➵ NSFW channels ➵ Plenty roleplay channels We can’t wait to welcome you!🤍

A social and community server for everyone to join, and have ur best time in our server u will be loved. UwU

Yes, we have Free Chegg with a low cooldown (15m) in limited time!

Just know that this is a friendly roleplay server and would like new customers~

Server dedicated to Art, Music Production, Photography and other interests.