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Hi we made this server for gaming. On 50 MEMBERS we will do 15$ PayPal giveaway and AK-47|Redline CSGO skin giveaway. Owner's are from BALKAN. Ako ste sa Balkana udjite u ovaj server i zabavite se !

Populated Gaming Server

Sell your roblox things here

In this server you can play Among Us and Roblox with the members of the group and in general you can make new friends! I'm waiting for you :)

In this server, we revolutionize the creation of bypasses on Roblox. Alongside this, we have a welcoming and loving community.

A German Among Us Server

This a server used to hangout when gaming.

Come enjoy a tase of our Lebanese culture and diversity, welcome everyone!

come vibe w us!! a fun place to talk, make friends, play games, and count to 1000 lmao <3

Do you play Minecraft, Among us or Phasmophobia? I made this server for anyone who wants someone to play with. We're inclusive to everyone! Just join and say hi :)

Communicate, Grow and Collaborate with YouTubers.

Do you like Gerard Way? DO you want to talk to other fans of him? Come to our server. We have multiple bots (including plural kit), are LGBT friendly, and we are looking for staff! Come join us.

We talk about: Anime Kpop Games And more!!! We are trying to get over 1,000 people to join we are not very close yet

Looking for a chill, aesthetic sfw server? Well look no more. This is the place for you. We have many channels, a chill environment, a place to make friends, many bots. so what are you waiting for???

An Isle/BoB server trying to start off!

Among Us Server come Join!