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Come join Waifu Hangout and help us grow! We are friendly and welcoming to all people. We will be hosting giveaways, events, and more!

R6 server for finding ranked stacks, comp teams, watching R6 content from YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter to watching PL and other comp leagues with people but more importantly make friends and chill with people.

A fun server that wont ban you for dumb reasons! 18+ This server is not for sensitive people! Lots of self roles, awesome emotes, fun people to chat with! Plenty of channels for all kinds of fun.

Vindicator is a channel monitoring bot, Vindicator monitors for duplicate and cross posting of Discord Servers in channels. Can also delete messages from a member when they part a server. Completely configurable per channel or category.

Promote your stream, Your clan, Get Game updates, Minecraft and Terraria Server Giveaways/Sponsorships. Many news channels for gaming related hardware and games!

➤ ꒰Hangout & vibe꒱ ✦ ₊˚ ʚ ɞ : sfw ・non-toxic ・ friendly ₊˚ ʚ ɞ : self promo・partnerships ₊˚ ʚ ɞ : semi-active server ₊˚ ʚ ɞ : no @ everyone or @ here pings ₊˚ ʚ ɞ : a good variety and clear layout ₊˚ ʚ ɞ : a good amount of bots

A server with good design and constant giveaways. Join and ENJOY

Come visit The Butter Alliance! We are a Gaming group that is focused on getting members now. Please invite anyone you know onto it! Much appreciated for taking the time to read this.

Emote Port is one of the best servers to get you started on getting free emotes for your own discord servers, not only that you can also submit your own emotes! The server is safe and is very strict on sexual, homophobic and racist content.

A music bot support server

The thing you desire most is here. Join and have fun.

We are a group of gamers from around South Africa who were drawn together by a Discord server and who have formed a strong, weird, oddball family bond.

Welcome to the DBZ server and this server we talk about dbz and have fun we also play games and talk about other things.

A place to hang out talk about films and tv. and to play games.

Hi! Come join us at Silver Linings! We're a new 18+ community server focused on making friends, having a good time, and supporting each other! We have lots of channels, bots, active staff, and 200 emoji! <3