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What is Pastel Juice? ╰―> A friendly Community ╰―> We have a really chill staff ╰―> Edating and anime

Enjoyable Yaoi Galleries with Yaoi RP and a very unique Yaoi Discord Bot named Kuro.

Very good server. if you dont join in the next 5 seconds you will have bad luck for the rest of your life.

a Virtual Reality gamers community. Come join us and make new friends.

We are a small faction server that is under development and is looking to grow bigger with your help

For the drug addicts, alcoholics, degenerates, nsfw, and anyone else!


Server to chat with others

This Discord server is where you can hang with friends and have fun with possible friends.

Welcome! We have all kind of things and are currently looking for new members (duh) We currently have: - Premium Dank memer - Nitro giveaway (50 members) - Taco shack (gr8 bot) Come join for a fun time! :)

βœ‚Snipishβœ‚ fun bots like Rythm, Dank memer, and more! Friendly staff Toxic-free community! Movie nights

Hey glad you're here! We are a Band from Austria and Building a Server for both like minded people and Fans! 😊

A server for Princess Principal fans.

A mature place where all creative minds of the gaming world can interact with eachother.

Auroaβ„’ provides DDOS Protected VPN servers with 24/7 Support and 99.99% uptime!

Join or host your own anime/tv show watching session!