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Join our server for TONS of CANCER and FUN. There are little to no rules and you're free to do pretty much anything you want.

A sequel to the Providence University server. It is sixteen and up due to the nature of the roleplay and the themes that rely heavily on drugs, alcohol, and other subjects that we feel require maturity!

A server for D&D lovers to nerd out, post art, and create homebrew.

Star Wars server for just chatting about Star Wars stuff - come join us! We're quite small and looking to expand right now. We have rules and we do not tolerate anyone who breaks them. Join us today!

A small community its just memes and cringed !

Just a server full of shit posting and cool kids🥰

The Midnight Club is an 18+ server intended for gaming, sharing memes, nsfw and just hanging out. There is an extensive NSFW section for those who may desire to share that content. -Hang Out! -Games! -Erotic Butter! -Cat Boy Bot!

What started as a STFC Game server, has now branched out, to incorporate other games and live streamers.. feel free to request any customization for your Guild or Game of choice! Trekkers, Unite! :)

Server IP address: ppcraft.mcpro.io Discord: https://discord.gg/TJSqGdZkYF Welcome to PPCraft Network [Discord] - New Partnership Program - Amazing Staff Team - New bots - Amazing Community

There is no server, thats it, you cant talk here, not much to do. Overall you are floating in an empty void waiting to talk yet you cant seem to reach it.

Come here to hang out or play video games. We are here 24/7 and play a lot of fps games. Also we all stream and support others so feel free to come by and advertise your socials. :)

Gaming community looking for member and expanding past gaming.

It would be really appreciated if you could join my discord server. >D

Come join to find people to play games like Valorant and other games! Brand new server looking for people to help and grow the community. If you think thats you give it a shot!

Hi i'm junior and this is why to join my server members are super nice movie nights(we will do them every friday) we have a verify System, means that we have a protected server animated emojis and normal emojis, thank you for reading!

This is a chat,Gaming server. We have over 80 people and are looking for more. We are also looking for a staff team. So don’t wait join now!!!!!