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This server has many things like hacking, modding apps, free spotify, and more accounts, openbullet, fraud bible, gaming nights, music sharin, memes, dating, nudes [you'll have to dm for access to this channel] , artwork, anime, etc

🍭Hello there! This server is for Rocket league lovers, traders, and pros that are willing to take up their time to coach some people! If your interested, go to the servers individual page to see the long desc of this server! 🍭

Are YOU looking for a fun and friendly Minecraft server to play on? Have you been searching for a new, awesome server with lots of potential? Well, we've got just the server for you! Thunder MC is a fun Minecraft server with plenty of potential and a v

Gaming music and a great community

An Animal Crossing New Horizons discord server with friendly chats, trading, and giveaways of Bells, NMT, and other items! Please join our community and invite your friends :)

just a nice server for everyone (except if youre a homophobe, racist, transphobe etc.) :))

Mental health and community server Meet new people

Its a server made by three friends wanting to make a server well known for its chat. We want to make our chat as clean as possible so please read the rules upon joining the server. As the server owner we just want you to have fun within our community!

✨ A very fun and chill community with events and giveaways! ✨

13+/ for anyone who wants to join a nice community of people to game with, we have games anywhere from rainbow six siege to Roblox and were always adding more to talk about and mess around with. Partnering servers are always welcome!

Free Discord bot hosting where your bot is online 24/7! No bugs that we know of and have a very high rating!

A fun Femboy Hangout for all races,genders,and sexualities! We have: -fun bots -kind members -a ton of roles -well programmed bot to protect against raids -a kind, honest staff !!!! JOIN NOW !!!!

I love you, join for cookie ;)

Asteria is a small community willing to accept newcomers to join us on different games such as Among Us, Minecraft, Warframe and many more! We are also talking about real life, music, animes, anything basically. Feel free to join us!

The Million #DeFi Homepage - Own a piece of #DeFi history! ✅

This is a small-ish discord server for people to hang out and meet new people.