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A very welcoming community based server that focuses on Gaming for teens between 13-18!

~new server ~friendly active members ~calm chill environment

Just a fun little server with lots of people, we have custom roles, events, games, active members, partnerships, fun facts, color roles, and we are almost to 200 members!

Outer Banks Roleplay is the server that you have always dreamed of. With a kind an active staff team, kind players, and realistic roleplay; we strive to help you have the best experience possible on our roleplay server.

A server for all things anime! No discrimination against novice weebs! Join if you love anime too!

our server is an aesthetically appealing glitch/rainbow core themed server. we are relatively new but slowly growing day by day. please help use grow and become a fun and chill server everyone wants to be in !

A Server With an account gen bot in it and market place

A server for people named Emily, by Emilys! Friends and I have always considered ourselves superior because of our names and we'd love to meet others. A place to talk, make friends and have fun.

rps' world is the official public discord server for rps. There are 24/7 giveaways, a leveling system, a daily fact of the day and so much more! We are looking to start building this server from the ground up TOGETHER, and want you to be a part of it!

Friendly & Chill Anime Community ❤ 24/7 VC ⭐ Relaxed Atmosphere with fellow weebs ⭐ Hentai⭐ Meet Otakus from around the world ⭐ Boku No Pico lovers and a lot more!

A community of people which focuses on supporting each other and making new friends everyday. Grow in the guild and even apply to become a staff member!

FlexHosting is an Australian company which aims is to give out unlimited free web hosting with no caps and with all the features of cpanel like webmail etc

We are a recently created clan on xbox looking for competitive and casual members who want to play together. Our games include Rainbow Six, Destiny 2, Smite, Minecraft, Modern Warfare, and other.

Official Discord of L3gendxGaming. Come be apart of the community!

Hello there! We are a big friendly community where you can chill and make friends! We offer things such as giveaways, various minigames, events (win prizes 🏆) and much more! Come join our community now!