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This server was indented to be made for gamers buuut we decided to make it a bigger than that with tons of features and channels so come and join us, would really appreciate that !🔥🔥💙💙

18+ hentai server with some automated nsfw channels and lots of mini games and a chill comunity

An NSFW Visual Novel Server by Flower of Evil!

Cavy Dreams is a community of guinea piggy enthusiasts, with a staff team having a wealth of knowledge and available to help with any care at all times. We’ve our own bot, with unique and fun commands. Come join the fun!

Search for parties, make new friends, join tournaments, plug your streams, and more! Come join us today c:

🔥FEAR GAMES🔥 — НЕ ламповый сервер, 18+, личные блоги, халявная раздача игр, розыгрыш денег, нитро, призы, подарки, NSFW контент, аниме, хентай, рофлы, лёгкая модерация.

Rayland est un petit serveur dédié à des mini-jeux, des animations et au partage de contenu sur :   Disney  |  Miraculous  |  Kingdom Hearts  |  Once Upon A Time Le serveur est tout neuf et du contenu sera régulièrement posté dessus ! :)

Do you like Star Wars series or the Star Wars games? Do you like myths, legends and fables? Do you enjoy writing and roleplaying?

This is a Minecraft server. There are a ton of users, very cool things are happening. Everything you need is a verified email.

▒┊▒┊▒┊▒┊▒┊▒┊▒┊▒ │Greetings mortal! │Wanna find new friends? │Wanna have fun and play some │games? You're then welcomed │to our server, where we play │games, have fun, chill and have │a great time with each other. ▒┊▒┊▒┊▒┊▒┊▒┊▒┊▒

a soft server based around cute aesthetics with a welcoming community to meet new people to game with / socialize \ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ\ We have: -A non-toxic community -Active staff -Random events

Looking to make friends with other hypnokinksters & lose your mind for a bit? Our Friendly hypnokink server offers loop rooms to lull your brain. Join Darknosis and listen carefully as the dark voices take over your mind. :D

a eSports team that was founded on 4/30/21 We are trying to grow to big leagues so come join us and look around and maybe think about helping us

new server to share some pic and vids

✨☁️ Come join our tiny community,✨☁️ Our server is run by girls (so be kind) ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆

Grab some roles, talk about taking over the world, make friends, play games, vibe on the music chat, and have horror movie nights <3