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Greetings, you have been invited to join Relay Roleplay! Are you a criminal or a civilian who always wanted to see what the Citys is like, Well, you came to the right place. Here at Relay, we have many different roles you can have in the city.

A small community-based Discord dedicated to gaming. The main game that the server focuses on is War Thunder but we welcome everyone. We aim to do huge custom battles and customs games. We also aim to make a squadron in the near future.

Game devs, Programmers, and Artist's of every kind. Or just fans of such. Come chill and share your work.

Our server is focused on building a friendly community and learning Russian together. We invite everyone who wants to learn Russian to join our language learning server. We will be happy to help you with Russian!

This server allows people to come in and just relax and chill while gaming, but in no way do we force you to have to play one of the games. If you want, just pop in and say hi. And if you want to stay and game then we have a plethora of games

Give away a, hacked items anything you want https://discord.gg/wn5UAwCmA2

This server has a lot of bots including dank memer! We have active staff members and the owner (me) is active!

This is an E-sports team Ment for anyone we Mostly play fortnite but we can Play other games too. you can even earn up different Roles in the sever. Join Up

Meet new teammates and find new people to hang out with! Discuss your favorite games with other members.

boo discord server


friendly server where you can meet new people and make new friends :) - 1:1 male to female ratio - variety of interests - custom roles and colors - boosting benefits - giveaways

This is a server for any adventurers out there that enjoy the show "wander over yonder" you can discuss the show, share art, listen to music, talk in VC, and even watch movies!

We stream anime every other day. We watch seasons together or movies depending what wins the poll Anime Streaming has a custom Waifu bot, it's still in the beta so if you have any issues please let us know.

Join if you want to make new friends. 13+ and LGBT+ friendly Post memes or just chat with others. We have channels to talk about hobbies including Anime, gaming, art, photography, etc

we are a new server built for the soul purpose of buying and selling sfw/ nsfw content! you must be 18+ to join and we do verify age. for buyers and sellers that earn good reviews, they can earn the featured buyer/seller role

A Dungeons And Dragons 5e Westmarches Server! Focusing on roleplay and fun over anything else. With active DM's and more and more active players daily! Come here and join the hunt!

Hello we are the light web a new active community