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An active community for people at various stages of awakening. We regularly voice chat and engage with each other in fun ways.

This is a server focused mainly on cryptocurrencies, smart trading, algorithmic trading.

Social family friendly gaming server, not always playing games, we sometimes watch movies together or do other activities.

A Minecraft community built off of our TikTok account @partypickles. We mostly play Bed Wars and Duels, sometimes even with our followers!

Asuriel Ragnarok Online is a Renewal server with official features plus exclusive customizations

In the High Realm of Shitposts, we offer the dankest of memes. Most of the time anyways LOL. We are a growing community server that is looking for active Discordians like YOU! Join over three hundred other users in making our server one of the dankest!!

🌸Genshin Impact Aesthetic | 🌟Genshin Help | 🌺Genshin & General Chats | ⭐Friendly & Chill | 🎨Artist's Made Emotes | 🎶Small, But Cozy | 😇SFW |📣 JOIN US and meet new friends! 💝

We are an 18 and over only server devoted to the love of movies. We love Horror, Sci-Fi, Action, and much more. We sync up our own copies using primarily Netflix, Prime, Shudder, and Disney Plus.

An art oriented server where you can share drawings, writing, characters, and game development! We have events like art raffles, competitions, etc! Come make some friends!!

Hey! We're a small server looking for some fun new faces to join! We play video games and voice chat a lot and we're trying to get the server more active!

Rapidly growing gaming community with over 680+ members! Chill and meet nice people! 💛

This server is where we roleplay in the game Shinobi Life 2 on roblox. If you tend to join thank you we are going to start at 100 members and i hope you enjoy. Dm one of the owners if you wish to learn more when you join the server.

Server for sharing music you like and music you make!

Come join Waifu Hangout and help us grow! We are friendly and welcoming to all people. We will be hosting giveaways, events, and more!

-A friendly and non-toxic community. -A variety of fun channels. -Great staff members who are always there to help. -Experts to improve your gameplay. -Weekly tournaments! And much more.