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The purpouse of this server is to provide an outlet to vent your frustrations in a safe space where people with your same life experiences can provide you with reassurance and validation.

Lagi nyari server discord?? Di ChillZone Indonesia aja.

The Official Discord Server of Panda Boy Plays! JOIN NOW PLS https://discord.gg/2cq9ph8 https://discord.gg/2cq9ph8 https://discord.gg/2cq9ph8

If your looking for a server to join just for talking to other gamers? This server is for you! There are 10 different VC's with a 5 person limit and 5 different TC's (slow-mode is on to prevent spamming) and more! rules are in the description. Enjoy!

LightningLandsMC Discord Server The Official Discord Server for LightningLandsMC Minecraft Server. Join For A Great Community, Good Staff, And just a good time :)

We carry out raids, are againts gays, blacks, and other non white groups. NSFW

Have you ever wanted to be a MP? Then join the server for the chance to be a Minister, MP or even Prime Minister!

A fun place to hangout with fellow weebs!!

☕│Cafe │☕ - ламповый и уютный сервер для общения. Украсим твои серые будни. Хоть людей на сервере мало но всё равно зайди.

Chat has the biggest varaity of things to chat about

A discord server for ducks

A server for fellow cavemen and ooga boogas to be cavemen and ooga boogas! (almost) NO EVOLVEDS ALLOWED!

Welcome to Gamer Juice We welcome everyone who wants to have fun and enjoy gaming!

Hello! The Sonic Obama Official Cult is a great community with lots to do! Our community is small and we would like you to join.

A sever fill with AIDs and it's very god-like. WARNING: This server may contain NSFW and spam.