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This server consists of active members and have customs on daily basis

Just a small community looking for new people to play games and hang out with. Come out, chill, and meet new friends! :D

Pantheon of the Dead is a community and a service. We are a community of friends and a service to content creators and server hosts alike. Our vision: To help creators grow by merging their communities into one.

Chat-Hub is a server made for people who want to meet new people, make friends, speak about their hobbies and so much more... Stuff like shitposting, swearing, minor racism and minor insultation are allowed. Only rule is to not be too toxic to others.

Have fun talking with new friends and sharing your work & videos or whatever within a cool active community !

Discord game server dengan fitur bot yang menarik

Любишь играть и общаться? Тогда приглашаю на геймерский сервер :3 У нас можно найти: • Специально сделанного для сервера бота • Пати для любой игры • Доброжелательную администрацию • Ламповое общение с другими игроками

We are prettynew, and hoping to grow this into a loving community! We are mostly DDLG focused, but we welcome people of all kinks and backgrounds. We welcome doms, subs, and everything in between. We have many channels, roles, and bots for your enjoyment!

Hey you, this is a game community! Join this server and help us growing up, thanks!

1946 “Bugsy” Siegel founded the Flamingo, starting up the mafia in Vegas. Langsky took over the Flamingo and made the mafia of where it is today, in 1954. In the era of mafia and the big families who reign over Vegas, who would you be in this family?

Welcome to Le Shack!! Where we are an Australian, welcoming and server boosted community who look forward to introducing you to a server filled with friendly staff and members!!

A discord server for people that like playing healer and/or supports in video games. Non healers/supports also welcomed. Healers paradise is a growing server with gaming channels and other misc. channels.

Reinventing collectible sport cards in a game for football fans

Global place for gamers, where all can be together. Playing on XBOX, PC, PS4. League of legends, CSGO, PUBG

A roleplay server where anyone and I mean anyone is allowed. Just make sure to obey the rules and all is well! Though if a char is too op according to a moderator, please work with them to nerf down your character a little and you can roleplay!