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Lonely is a small growing server and was created to have a nice and good chat, connect people, make friends and have a great time together

Hey! This server is a chill community that accepts anyone. It is relatively active and we wish to expand this. We talk about anime, movies, tele, sports, politics. All sorts!

~What is it?~ This server is about Dragon Ball! There are a few things we talk about like Legends, Dokkan, Xenoverse, Fighters Z, and the anime itself!

This is a Mental Health server based on the goal of providing a community and place where people from all walks of life and struggles can come and be apart of a group that will support them. There is never a dull moment and is pure chaos half the time.

Hi there! Nice to see u considering our residency as ur new home!! Give me a couple of seconds to sell this place to you. We have a roleplaying cafe, minju bot, daily minigames, self assign roles etc. Interested?? Come on in you will not regret it!!

This is the official support server for "Tiny Mafia" Discord Bot. Join to get any support related the bot or to play Tiny Mafia game with server members.

A Place For You To Meet Friends And Troll

Hello my name is Radwan Kaddour I am a indie video game developer .

🤖 Add our spectre bot for cool features like leveling, ticket system, corona country stats, server store, spectregames, music, NSFW and much more: https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=795290012903931934&permissions=8&scope=bot

Professional Cryptocurrency technical analysis and trading signals! Multi year experience! everyone is welcome :)! https://discord.gg/bckF9yAwgf

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OFFICIAL CHALLENGER BOT SERVER! Combat NPCs and your friends in battle with a wide arsenal of powerful moves, items, and pets. Join to play the game!

"Bit weird? Need friends? Like moths? Music, maybe? Racist as a joke? Maybe not?"

Teens Against Tyranny is a community of teenagers and young adults that come together to share the value and importance of liberty and personal freedom. We also serve to educate others on this value and promote freedom and responsibility.

عدم أثارة المشاكل بالسيرفر او عالخاص احترم خصوصية الآخرين وعدم احراجهم مراعاة نظام كل روم و سياسته وقوانينه ممنوع السبام أو إرسال بكثرة بوقت قصير ممنوع طلب المال - بطاقات الستور - الألعاب يمنع دخول السيرفر بالأسماء والصور الغير لائقة

On this server, you can talk to your friends without anyone bothering you with all the modern bots. It has a very good template. And you can always talk to one of the admins if you need something.