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Chill Corner is a place for you to come, relax, and have fun with others! We have lots of fun things!

Friendly Anime and Gaming Community

My server is mainly music based where music producers can come to my server and play games and hangout!

Just an among us group, nothing to doo with pikmin, very small just trying to gain members!

A exciting and fun discord server great for the whole community!

A fan server made by wolfgamer

just a community that talks about youtubers and/or with each other

This server is made for gaming. This server doesn't have many people (or maybe now it does), but with you we can come one step closer to being a community.

This server is u finished because of the bot I am creating If there are any bot developers out there willing to help I would gladly appreciate the help.

Welcome! This is the friend server where we talk about anything and hangout please don't be inappropriate have fun and be nice.

A server allowing you to discover projects that I work on and updates on them along with a community area with lots of fun channels to message in.

Gaming server mostly Escape From Tarkov

A discord for Among Us players to chat, communicate during games, and simply make friends.

Hello we are the light web a new active community