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Welcome To Server Craft A Minecraft Server Where We Have Fun You Can Self Promo We DIsplay Diffrent Servers and so much other stuff Make Sure To Rock In.

Just a place to chill and talk. There’s a rule on no snowflakes so there’s barely restrictions.

The Detroit of Discord servers.

💯Looking for answers?!? You have come to the right place!!!💯 ✨✨✨~~Best Chegg Community~~✨✨✨ 🔥FAST AND QUICK RESPONSES🔥 🔥As low as 2 hour cooldown🔥 🔥Homework Helper🔥 🔥Homework Answers🔥 🔥Even some giveaways!🔥

You wanna meet new people? Self promo your youtube, twitch or twitter? You wanna find people who like games just like you? Look no more!! My new server is the perfect place for you!!

A small server for gamers to meet other gamers and communicate/become friends!

-A fun discord to join and mess around, we really don't mind anything happening, just join and do what you like mess around in voice channels and post memes.

The Waffle Café is dedicated to Gaming, Content Creation, Making new friends, and overall Having Fun! Join Us and our 20+ members today!

Make new friends and play online games with your friends and more fun.

At Pokemon PTA, we have a great community suitable for all ages with coords, raid help, rare trades, shiny hunts, spoofing advice and much more.

not really from fresno* just a server for bout everything and anything trying to get everybody together a know :)

We are a friendly and no toxic community for hh rifts, or just for fun in general! Invite link: https://discord.gg/G2ZVFCmTTs

TFG discord server


We are seeking new members to join in on the fun!

joe discord server


This server is literally just joe. We look at joe, we smell joe, we hear joe, we feel joe, we even! Nevermind. But the point is, we are all about joe, and you can be about joe too! Join joe today for the sake of the funny. Invite all your friends!

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Ciao a tutti, siete benvenuti nel mio server.