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A Server for teens and young-adults to come together to play D&D and other TTRPGS!

Join now for an amazing Marketplace server!

Enter the Hermit's Hollow if you are also sick and tired of 18+ servers that are exclusively porn (come on, we all know where to find porn when we feel the need). Do you want to make new friends and come out of this lockdown with your sanity intact?

We are a modded Minecraft server network with multiple modded servers!

We are a gaming server for all platforms. The majority of our members are Fortnite, APEX and R6 Seige players, but we welcome everybody interested in gaming and having a good time.

Discord for the streamer Kamii2K

Were an up and coming Rocket League eSports community that focuses on training lower ranked members. We offer coaching services for all levels, and those who make competitive teams receive coaching absolutely free!

Just imagine gamers on a mountain...

Heyo, welcome to Planet Telex! A server to chill out in, talk about anything and make new friends. (๑╹ω╹๑ )

An EU HotS server dedicated to playing Team League

Welcome to the server,where THERE is no name! Yeah,because of no name ideas. (Click the box to see about)

Welcome in the Valorant Community discord! This server will be used to play with each other and make a huge community!


welcome to soft angels ♡ - chill &'aesthetic server - you can find new friends, play with them or whatever you want! ➸ we have so many aesthetic roles! ➸ partnerships ➸ low moderated ➸ post your self-promo ➸ &' much more!

»»—- Toxic Central -—«« ------ What We Offer------ • Fun chats • Respectful members • Cool and chat engaging bots • Nice staff • awesome emotes/emojis • Self roles and colors • Partners with any server

Fun accepting community with events, staff, and bots. (1 made by the owner)