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Free for anyone to join as long as they luvvvvvvvv music!!!!!! This server is where people ranging from professional musicians to music lovers get to chat about music related matters! Please join this server to benefit more about music in the long term!

Ever wondered what would happen if you activated the first layer of hell but added all your favorite BSD characters? Us. We happened.

✧ ✰ 。 w e l c o m e t o n e v e r l a n d ✧ ✰ 。

https://discord.gg/Bb7RcN FrexchMxn's land :heart: -play games togther or look for people to play with :heart: -small server :heart: -nice staff :heart: -lgbtq friendly :heart: -trying to get active

Hi there I'm creating a new chess server for all chess based activities Please join and support Thank you so much

Keeping crazy furs isolated from society. An asylum themed furry rp & erp server.

(18+ eRP 50+ member community and growing). Welcome to Slut Academy, where you can choose the role between teacher and student. A place where you can hang out, meet new people, and be apart of a growing community.

California State RP. CSRP is a brand new RP server that is ran on serious and enjoyable RP. Our goal here at CSRP is to let our players have a fun and immersive environment with in-depth stories for your characters.

We're family friendly fun community, we have baguettes, psychos, weirdos, respectable staff elite, and custom bot.

openSUSE, formerly SUSE Linux and SuSE Linux Professional, is a Linux distribution sponsored by SUSE Linux GmbH and other companies.

Calling all DC roleplayers! Enter a dystopian future where Lex Luthor has taken over the world, and released every inmate in prison. Now, the world is overran by villains, and Superman is dead. It’s up to a group of former heroes to stop him.

Have you ever wanted to join a guild, but didn't know where to look? Well, look no further than The New World Nerds. We're a brand new server with lots of stuff to offer, we've got anime discussions, memes, and some pretty cool emotes. We also have events

Лояльная администрация, общение на свободные темы, активное развитие сервера.

Community of Gamers that like to talk about games, real shit and goof on each other

The friendly interactive discord server, pokemon, idle miner, music commands, etc...

A small active server started by a group of friends where we play games and talk. Bots: - MEE6 - Dank Memer - Pokécord - Slotbot - Yggdrasil