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Welcome to the Skull-Cade! This is a gaming server where you can talk with people, play arcade games and more! You can also personalise yourself, with custom roles and colours!

This is a non-despair AU with CANON Danganronpa characters! Audition for your favorite characters! 5-8 spots are open! First come, first serve with characters. Spoilers for DR1, DR2, and DRV3.

Chill active community for anime, gaming, k-dramas, music, make new friends and have an amazing stay!!

MuHaven is a Discord server for the MU* community in general. Looking for new games to play on, or old players you used to create with? Need to recruit for your game or ask for game development help? Are you completely new to the hobby? Join us!

💯BANNED AT 1k💯 💥One of the most trusted CW lobby hosts you can find!💥 👾CHEAP DARK AETHER!👾 🥳MAX LEVEL🥳 😍MAX GUN LEVELS😍

We are a cheerfull, inclusive server who invites everyone to join and just have a good time!

🔥FEAR GAMES🔥 — НЕ ламповый сервер, 18+, личные блоги, халявная раздача игр, розыгрыш денег, нитро, призы, подарки, NSFW контент, аниме, хентай, рофлы, лёгкая модерация.

A very serious discord community dedicated towards preparing for JEE Advanced and related exams.

Rayland est un petit serveur dédié à des mini-jeux, des animations et au partage de contenu sur :   Disney  |  Miraculous  |  Kingdom Hearts  |  Once Upon A Time Le serveur est tout neuf et du contenu sera régulièrement posté dessus ! :)

𝚆𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚆𝚎 𝙷𝚊𝚟𝚎 ┏━━━━━━━━━━━┓ »»—A chill community—«« »»—Giveaways—«« »»—Create your own channel—«« »»—A soon to be active server—«« ┗━━━・‥…━━☆☆━━…‥・━━━━┛

Come hang out with me :) All are welcome. Self-assignable roles! Lots of active members!

Pay $1 to join this game A randomly chosen winner receives all the money paid by the members (I get a 10% commission) Winner is only one and game starts every week And... can you donate to me? if you want

~What is it?~ This server is about Dragon Ball! There are a few things we talk about like Legends, Dokkan, Xenoverse, Fighters Z, and the anime itself!

Join our friendly community and meet people from beginners to experienced traders. We're a growing community at your disposal to help you become a better trader.

Anime/Manga | Welcoming | Partnership - We have all kinds of fun and exciting people to talk to! Everyone is welcomed!

Scandi Isle is based around The Isle and Beasts Of Bermuda. At the moment we provide a 30 player Chill BoB server.