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Good place to chill with friends and play games. Open for new suggestions if you have any. Report about any individual, if they cause any trouble. NSFW channel, far away from others so you don't get bothered by it.

Programming Space is server about programming. Ask, answer questions and talk about programming. Programming Space contains assignable colour roles, language roles and has active community. We are looking for programmers and developers of any sort.

[slackers], a community of people who are chill, like to chat, and play video games. there's no abusive staff, no useless @ everyone's & no fake shit. // bring back the shitpost // est. 2019


This server is for people who love to play games and have fun! It is in relation to my twitter https://twitter.com/i/notifications and is somewhat of a fanserver, but the main focus isn't rlly on me. Anyone can join to have fun!

Make friends, enemies, and love with four unique factions and 27 classes, and change the game between nations! Become the Deadliest Warrior you've dreamt yourself to be.

A small variety server with creative challenges, self-assignable roles, and a lot of room for growth. We need nerdy people who are looking to join a community and grow with it. Also looking for some people interested in being server staff.

We make ordering food as easy as ever! With our multi purpose automatic system we are proud to get food quickly to your server the first time.

Welcome to Pink Tree House !, Pink Tree House is a new social Discord server where you can meet friends, chill with others, and have fun. everyone is welcome to join !

Bloxtopia is an online brick building game for all ages with over one thousand users.

This is a non toxic community, which is driven by the members in it.

This server is used to start a community for my soon-to-be content creator career. Feel free to join, Everyone's welcome.

Random Roleplay is a server where you could roleplay anything!

Hi there! We are opening up our semi-private Genshin Impact discord server to the public! Feel free to hop in with your friends or just by yourself and hang out with us!


A Fortnite save the world trading and building server that meets all needs