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**GamerMusic** Is A Community That For All The Musician And The Gamer. You must join us for fun. If you don't join, you will probably regret why you didn't join.

Manjaro is a free and open-source Linux distribution based on the Arch Linux operating system.

Play Roblox games and share your own! (W.I.P.)

This server hosts many Tournaments, events like Discord got talent, and literally the best server in the whole Discord.

Welcome to our Egg Community! We play VRChat together, having fun and making new friends! Come and join us you'll NOT regret it.

3:1 Dog to Guinea Pig Ratio!! Super friendly server :) ✔️ You love to chat, talk or just search people for maybe playing a game toegther? Then this is the right server for you!❤️ We are a small and friendly server where you can find new friends! ❤️

We watch movies, we also have giveaways.


Gothic Themed Discord Server 🧧!

A community for all Genshin players. just to cill out, get some new companions, share thoughts and talk about your favorites. - with live announcements from genshin's twitter. - stream notifications from twitch genshin players.

HI! If You are a gamer, and You look for a server with other gamers You are in the right place! We have merch! (Cooming soon) You can play with others! Join gamers Club today!

Friendly and all-welcoming community!

Chill zone, custom roles and other!

That server for 18+ only because of that category is NSFW.

Welcome to Vandlop! Here you can find new friends, chat, and have a great experience on Discord!

https://www.reddit.com/r/asushin/ A server dedicated to the Asushiin (Asuka/Shinji) pairing from the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise.