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✦✦--Steve's gang--✦✦ A 13-17 hangout server for people to have fun in. (click to read long description.) Here we have: ✦Memes. ✦kind staff. ✦Non-toxic members. ✦Good staff ✦ And so much more. the server is kinda small atm.

🌺・Prezamos o conforto e segurança de nossos membros e nosso objetivo é ser uma comunidade livre de toxicidade e preconceito, buscamos crescer junto a nossos membros e oferecer um lugar onde as pessoas possam chamar de casa.

Horticulture & Husbandry is a comfy animal and plant server

A fun roleplay server where chaos reigns supreme, no roleplay experience is necessary. We want to have fun, and we have a couple of rules, though it mainly comes down to being decent human beings, and we all get along.

A friendly server for people interested in Horror stories Music (pop , jazz , blues , all types of rock) Films Anime Gaming Art

-Welcome to Sword Art Offline. Community Server, anyone is welcomed.

very chaotic server but try to enjoy yourself.

Official Server For Soraya!! ✅(NSFW)

Welcome to Cookies World! Here you can find new friends, participate in draws and much more. We are a very friendly server and love all of our members. Join us!

Haiiya I'm Raynie If you want to unlock my BBW content it's 7.99 USD PAYPAL send me your your discord username with payment. OR teir 2 sub to my twitch.After the 7.99 you can add extra stuff like videos calls with rules. Live video rules LIVE SHOW

Welcome to the best server cosplays and chats

Merric gaming are a group of gamers that are dedicated to making a safe, friendly, enjoyable and user friendly community in which everyone can participate no matter what age, race or gender.

〖𝓛𝓲𝓯𝓮 𝓞𝓯 𝓐𝓷 𝓞𝓽𝓪𝓴𝓾〗 Welcome to Life Of An Otaku, Life Of An Otaku is a upcoming community-based server where people socialize, talk about anime, look for a gaming partner, support each other,playing around with fun bot-commands,and much more!

An Advertising Server That You Must Join

Munchies is a virtual gathering of Kinksters. Come enjoy this whacky server, where you can meet and talk to people from around the world. Choose from several roles upon entry (Dom / sub / Switch etc.) and hang out with fellow Kinksters.

Friendly and all-welcoming community!