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Anime, manga and gaming related server.

this is a little server i try to get it bigger and bigger people are cool and calm in the server fell free to join

We help high school and college students with their studies, offer socialization, project exchange, team building and more.

This server is pretty new and doesn't have much people, but lets grow this server together. It has over 100 emotes, you can talk about anime, gaming or even mine craft if you want. It will be much appreciated if you join.

--------------------------------Welcome to Mystic's Sauna & Games---------------- Gaming and Anime, while making friends in our community!

Looking for a fun, casual roleplay experience without a strict schedule? Look no further! This server offers exactly that and more!

An upcoming server for as many communities as we can tend to, here to host events, and just let you chill, socialise and make friends :)

A server for roblox trading where you can do safe trades and report scammers! There are giveaways, suggestions, chatting channels and more!

Welcoming and friendly server hoping for more members!!

I just made this for fun lol

Egy magyar közösség. Játsz egy baráti közösségben és hostold a saját crab game szervered! Azért hoztam létre a szervert mert nem találtam szépen kidolgozott magyar crab game discord szervereket. Egyedi rankok és szobák. Csatlakozz és játsz!

The No. 1 Discord server for Hypixel Bedwars/Skywars players!

Want to find friends to play games like league, terraria and among us with? Or even just find people to talk with, then drop on by!

we are an up and coming discord server list join today to grow your server!

This is the place to hang out and just take it easy, so come say hi and make some new friends.