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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ πŸ˜ˆπ†πžπ­ 𝐨𝐧 𝐭𝐑𝐞 π‡π’π π‘π°πšπ² 𝐭𝐨 π‡πžπ₯π₯😈 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ πŸ–€Friendly Staff πŸ–€Active Global Community πŸ–€Fun Bots/Games πŸ–€Loads of Self Roles πŸ–€2:1 girl to guy ratio πŸ–€Welcoming to all

We are a fun Gaming Community discord server, we play a variety of games. We also do giveaways, also there are reaction roles for things! We also have plenty of fun bots to play with one being; BOX BATTLES, you are able to open crates than attack othr ppl

Official server for the Garden Craft Minecraft server.

We are a small, close-knit community looking to expand and find new friends to join us! What we offer: ✦ A friendly, active community! ✦ Plenty of roles to be earned! ✦ Fun bots to use such as Mudae, Tatsumaki and Pokecord!

Galactica We are a very small server Looking for staff We have a lot of channels Memes, discourse and art channels Lgbt + system inclusive Please join

οΌŠβœΏβ€ ArtistHub β€βœΏοΌŠ Artists unite! A server bringing together different kinds of artists, designers and musicans! «────── Β« β‹…Κšβ™‘Ιžβ‹… Β» ──────» Channels, and roles for all types of art! Roles you can assign yourself! Being Active Gives you higher roles!

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Discord channel where you can get rocket league coaching from GCs, find people to play games with, and find buddies to watch anime with.

Brand new RPG server? Check. Original lore? Check. The ability to change world outcomes? Check. Talented writers to help you grow your craft? Check. Join Terres today for your shot at glory!

A server where people who want buddies, but are too awkward to talk to people. Don’t worry my friend we’re to help. 😁

In my newly made server there are options for hackers all around including Black, White and Grey hat Hackers. Anyone is aloud in this server and the more the merrier.

β™• You should join us! heres why, β™• β™˜ Giveaways β™˜ β™™Wide range of gamesβ™™ β™” Funny Community β™” β™—A fairly active userbaseβ™—

Need a server to vent your emotions, feelings, thoughts? Join.

This is a small Spain server in discord. Roblox is where you will play on gameplay. Movie nights are here too, with job aplications. If you want something to get off your mind come here!

Join us for all kinds of dumbfuckery, badassery, and pure vibes.