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Our server is multipurpose server with anime as main topic, but if you love gaming, music or just wanna talk with chill people I reccomend at least checking us!

Free and premium day trading alerts. Like minded individuals with a focus on education and performance.



Azi flemme

This is where She streams. Come join to watch, join her gaming community, hang out, and make friends.

Hei🌸✨ This server full of nice people, watched anime, movies and streaming together.🥺🌸 Please join and be a part of a cute friendly Server with cool people, who wants to talk anytime❤️✨

This server was made to help people in the summer make friends and to meet new people to really enjoy their summer.

Join this group to help support new No Mans Sky players

A community for developers in Philippines. Learn about software, hardware, concepts, and more!

━━━━━✨ Join now! ✨━━━━━ Welcome to the Pixeltree discord, a great discord to hangout and make friends. and if you don't always want to talk you can also just hang out in the casino or in one of the music channels.

A fun community to make friends.

Crypto Fortress aims to provide a social sphere for crypto enthusiasts, traders, airdrop hunters.

A server for any and all Air Simulator enthusiasts from DCS and War Thunder all the way to SimplePlanes and Infinite flight