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We’re a nsfw my little pony server mostly for your dirty fetish’s and community based soulful on my little pony material. If your joining underage get out we’re a nsfw community mostly not a sfw unless we restrict your roles for only sfw.

For the fans of twenty one pilots (yes I did get some ideas from James tøp server) as of 6/29/20 we are small and hope to grow, I,Owner (Twenty1eminem) hope to be able to moderate servers till we hrow

This is a server community with a lot of special features, active staff and a small community.

Our server motive is yo help growing youtubers ,sreamers and give opportunity to players for competition

Want revenge on a server? Want to meet cool people? Want some good hentai? Then join us! We're a small, chill server that holds events dedicated to raiding other servers that deserve it. If this sounds like something you want, join our army, soldier!

Snow Beast Gaming is a friendly and welcoming community of gamers. We decided to create this community to allow people to join and make new friends, hang out and ultimately have a laugh!

Come and join the fun everyone!

A server for people who like Greenville on roblox

Join the server where everyone is equal.

This server is made for anyone and everyone! With multiple different Voice and Text channels of all topics and interests to dive deep into. We have a few music bots, A meme bot, along with a few others to interact with!

Discord server dedicated for creative people. We are discussing literature, movies and music. A place of debate, video games, culture and dank memes.


Under construction...

Hey, I am giving out 20 dollars to you guys for every goal we hit!!! That means more money for you guys!!!! So join!!!

Hello! Trying to build a small community of Rainbow 6 Siege Players, Casual and ranked.

Just a place to hand out, use the bots, and talk with each other nothing serious.