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A fun discord community with frequent giveaways, fun with popular games, Gambling and so much more

Have you been looking for a server that offers a true survival experience for both PvE AND PvP players alike? Look no further than RUN 'N' SCUM! We are looking forward to growing a thriving community!

The Only Educational Platform Which Will Help You Learn About How To Trade In The Market With Daily Signals And Lessons About The Market

Dangerous Gaming is a small community of streamers and viewers alike! dedicating ourselves to supporting one and other as best we can!

ღ・— ;; welcome to the moving castle ༄ a fun, non-toxic server for everyone make new friends! aesth layout, self roles, friendly community and staff.

official minecraft discord server!

This server is mainly for people who are interested in Juice WRLD.

🌺・Prezamos o conforto e segurança de nossos membros e nosso objetivo é ser uma comunidade livre de toxicidade e preconceito, buscamos crescer junto a nossos membros e oferecer um lugar onde as pessoas possam chamar de casa.

New server with just a few people 13+

✦✦--Steve's gang--✦✦ A 13-17 hangout server for people to have fun in. (click to read long description.) Here we have: ✦Memes. ✦kind staff. ✦Non-toxic members. ✦Good staff ✦ And so much more. the server is kinda small atm.

Horticulture & Husbandry is a comfy animal and plant server

A friendly server for people interested in Horror stories Music (pop , jazz , blues , all types of rock) Films Anime Gaming Art

A fun roleplay server where chaos reigns supreme, no roleplay experience is necessary. We want to have fun, and we have a couple of rules, though it mainly comes down to being decent human beings, and we all get along.

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