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The biggest original Titanfall 1 community. If you like the classic Titanfall, this is a place for you.

Heyo, this server is for all peoplle who love everything on the internet and more. Join to share memes, game together and talk shit about everything you can think of! Get to know new people and become friends! Very excited to meet you guys <3

Queerspace is a small , 18+, SFW collective of LGBTQ+ers who just want a place to hang out, make friends and, most importantly, have a laugh! Come join our sub and sing a song, share some drama or arrange a gaming session…

Join my new discord server and help me grow it up! Server is about crypto you can see some websites in discord where you can earn money,bitcoins and etc....

Fun place to make new friends and chat about anything and everything :)

Looking for someone to help you in a raid or grind crucible bounties? Look no further! The Bois is a small but strong group of Guardians ready to play D2 everyday!

Hi, I'm Kell. Welcome to my cord, it is Kellcord pretty much

Welcome to The Vibing Discord This discord is a "hangout place". Come meet new people, play games, or just chat! Join "Create VC" to make a VoiceChannel to speak in! There's a bot playing 24/7 chill music!

Gaming Community. We respect all gamers. - Chat with the community. - Stay up to date with my latest posts / announcements. - Creator section for approved creators. Creators can share their videos. - Listen To Music

Welcome to E-Girls! We are an extremely active social server with over 3,000 members! We offer active VCs and chats, daily nitro giveaways, 500 unique emotes, E-Girls and E-Boys and more! Come join today, you wont regret it! 🔊💬

Sanctuary is a Christian operated server for the discussion of various faiths/ideas in a friendly and well

"Bit weird? Need friends? Like moths? Music, maybe? Racist as a joke? Maybe not?"

A developer server for everyone! Hey people, if you love giving people advice or you just need help then this os the right place for you. We are also a lovely community to just chat around.

Keio is a gaming server, I can promise that the games you like to play will be appreciated here. Great way to find new people!

A fortnite battle royale game community where you can discuss your views and thoughts about all the new updates, find a squad to play with or just chill. You can also find organized tournaments, info about the new updates and Tips for any device.