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We are a brand new server that is trying to grow a community and become something nice. Join if you want to meet new people and chill and meme with others!

Apex Legends NA is for all the player in NA! Come find fellow players to team up and fight to become the number #1 squad. Show off you stats or that cool shot from 300m away. Feel free to stream or advertise your stream. Come join and have fun!

Gentoo Linux is a Linux distribution built using the Portage package management system.

Hey, this is my discord server. Here, I record videos of my server on my 1K subs + channel. Hope you will consider joining our community

You've been invited to Est Laeta! Latin for (she) "Is Happy". This is a non-toxic community server, (Ik very original). Jokes aside, this server feels like a home to many people and I hope you're able to make it your hope too!<3 Also!! lots of emojis^^

RISE UP FOR THE WEEB AND GAMER NATIONAL ANTHEM!! yep this server is a gaming server and anime server in 1! Basically a 2 in 1 server

Anime, History, Guns, Cars, Motorcycles.

A little server for chat, memes, art, gaming, music, and fun. Have fun with some people online, share memes, share art, and listen to music. Meet new friends and play games. You can meet people from different places, different interests, or maybe same..

Welcome to the unofficial Discord for the big lad Memeulous, with lots of interesting channels.

created on june 10th, 2020, kasio ent. is a space for people who like to roleplay in a k-pop entertainment setting.

Social Engineering server & Services.

CloudFire is a new server with many possibilities to grow. We have unique Economy, leveling system, fun Commands and many more thing you will like. We are looking for new members and hiring new staff. Cant wait to see you here !!

Hey! We are a GTA V recovery service who can make you money for a cheap price. We host giveaways frequently. And because we are upcoming, you can get a nice discount if you ask nicely.

Fw the Studio! I real life be outchea chilling tho, Like my channel, is for chill people that be on the herbs, chasing a bag, likes video games, has A playstation, I'm team playstation, but XBOX players are also welcome. fw the channel, we lit :)

Ever felt like joining a creative and dedicated YouTuber community? Then this is the place for you. Get daily updates on the YouTube activities of ThatDutchPerson and his friends, and dont forget to subscribe!