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This server is empty for now. But I dream big, and wish that you will join here. We will do everything :D. Elon Musk, maths, music, language, games - everything.

Do you like BTD6? Do you like sharing your thoughts/ideas with communities? Do you like participating in community polls and sharing your own challenges? Well then I have the perfect server for you!

A place where you can play games, listen to music, discuss books, talk about hobbies and passions, and just in general hangout! Come join if you want to meet new people and have a good time!

Your #1 Official ZhanXG Community Server. This is the place where you chat, LFG for VLRT or FN and so many more. Come join and be part of the ZhanXG Family. :) Have a great day!

We play Smash and other stuff and I stream. People like my personality and community so they stay lol.

Vallahnese server offers: Gaming, chilling and fun for you and your friends

A community for NFT creators and collectors to connect and for those new to the space to learn and hopefully avoid the common mistakes that are made in the NFT space

💫Slotbot, pokecord, and more. Find new friends, kill some time and join our nsfw fun.🎀 🔪 A place for anyone looking for love, nudes, nsfw emojis or just friends. 🔪 👑Best nsfw Server👑

A community always looking to grow with no toxicity with different games you’re able to talk about (staff get their own special role)

KDC offers numerous games such as Minecraft, Valorant, and Roblox, and we're looking for more everyday!

Stop wasting money on clothing, electronics, food etc. Get is all for free with my methods! Stop sleeping 💸

I'm a twitch streamer trying to grow using discord. I've used discord so far for many things such as gaming,streaming and just chatting

We have Family We are MONKE We worship King Kong, Harambe And Sun wukong Honestly though we have a lot of fun here You will have a good cringey sometimes and a lil annoying but fun time here

The original and best server bringing you trading signals, info and analysis on crypto pump n' dump groups!

🔞 NEW SERVER!! Hi! Are you a fan of marvel? Are you a fan of myths, legends, and the unknown? And are your a fan of online roleplay? Do you have OCs you'd like to add to the stories? Well, this server will be perfect for you! No members yet!!

just join if you wanna talk about anime and overwatch also have fun and enjoy your self