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This is a new server with a focus on community! we also will have gaming sections, and game nights soon. I hope you join us!

Hi there!! We are a new server I worked very hard on it I am currently looking for STAFF come join and apply --> Chill server --> New server --> We Love Music --> Learn to code & Help people code ! --> We have (Java, Python, SQL, Html, and C++)

Are you looking for a place for talking about Thomas the tank Engine? Or Animanics?? Or maybe you even like tugs? Well this server is for you!

We are recruiting at all Positions! We need LEO and some Civs! So come give us a shot, tons of fun! Hope to see you all there!


we give out free accounts to alot of stuff.

Welcome to the Instinct family server! We hope you all enjoy talking to one another and forming new friendships! Please remember to be respectful of one another, no matter the situation. We love you all and can’t wait to see where this family goes!

Hey! This is a friendly server for friends to gather and play games!

this server is for fun just to meet friends or hangout. you can game with people also.

Here we joke around and like video games like Minecraft, Call of Duty, Among Us and Apex Legends.

TCLB (TopClassLolBoost) has been around in the industry for 5 years. Striving at the top of the market providing the highest quality of service for the most affordable pricing.

Zues Rewards Give nitro away to people for earning 3-50 invites or by boosting the server.