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This server is dedicated to handpicking members for another server where we have faction wars. We also use this server for friendly convo and helping people get familiar with the bot Anigames.

Piggy battles, meeting new people, playing games with other player, This is a youtubers server!

Join our wonderful server! We accept Hazbin, Helluva and Zoophobia characters as well as OCs! We are active practically 24/7 and have a dedicated community. Join us!!!

♡Aussi's Temple♡ ♡. Self roles ♡. Homework help ♡. Memes ♡. Art ♡. Trivia ♡. Vent chats & even more! ♡ xoxo

social server where you can meet new people, make friends, just talk, anyone and everyone is welcome 😁

This server has a lot to offer you friend! What do we have to offer you to make sure your stay is epic? Well. . . This server is a place that people can have fun and chill and rp if ya want, all the people here are quite nice and chill, and friendly!

It’s a mafia/gang

here is a place just to relax and talk about Fortnite and Basketball

A diverse group of pagans from all paths, this is a place to discuss your path.

The best Fitness Server on Discord

Welcome to Boom Cafe Boom café is a server where you get to socialize, make new friends, post memes etc.

It's just a server, no NSFW or swearing, we keep it family-friendly

animal crossing based server but open to everyone who wants to come and make friends! we also play among us & trivia games! everyone 13+ is welcome; we guarantee a safe and inclusive place for everyone.

We are a welcoming community to all different types of people. Chat to people find new friends and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Grupė skirta Fortnite žaidėjams.

In our server everyone is equal we talk about anime, music, gaming and even school, we do polls about everything and we also help everyone we can.