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This server will bound to have something you love! We are a growing community where you can join clubs such as: Drama club, book club, video game club and ect. Also make your own club! Join community events such as quizzes ect. and join club meetings!

Join The Bacon Community! TBC is a discord server for Robloxians to find others to play with and have fun! We offer many different features with fun bots and many VCs and channels to chat with others in. We offer 24/7 staff help too! Join Now!

Fortnite & More! is a recently launched Discord Server catering to players of Fortnite, Overwatch, Minecraft, GTA, and (well) more!

Hello! I am a Mixer streamer who is aiming to become one of the best in the streaming industry!

A sfw, anime aesthetic, non-toxic community server accepting everyone from all kinds of fandoms. Our goal is to help let people find themselves and learn how to love them for who they are, to make a change in the world. United starts with U. Are you in?

A community to learn code and ask for help with your projects!

The #1 server that is allows you to express your interests in asian music, drama and much more!

Welcome. We will provide you a family atmosphere.

Krxzy Klan is a casual gaming for many games like Minecraft, CS:GO, Rocket League and many more! If you want to chat, make friends and game, just join!

INFO CODETS Hideout is NEW community built for Programmers & Coders.

To all my fellow anime peeps out there, I'm Blackheart and this is my server where you can relax and talk about anime,play games,roleplay or just talk with a nice and friendly community.

Welcome to [RAID] Rocket League! Let's play some Rocket League!!

https://discord.gg/mP2MXyz Pastel Wonderland is a wonderful place to find cute emojis and a place to share aesthetically pleasing pictures! All SFW postive and uplifting!

Ever wanted to get some exclusive skins onto your fortnite account? Worry no more, as here you can get the method without having to buy the phone/console to get the exclusive skin! All you have to do is invite some people and that's it!

LGBTQ+ (allies as well) and Underage Friendly video games server! we host several channels for different games new and old, as well as a general chat called Rainbow Road, chill chat, and more! we host jackbox game nights and more as well! come join us! :)