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We’re an adult (18+) gaming community where our primary focus is playing together for good times.

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Clean-looking community server with amazing booster perks, aesthetic layout, and friendly staff. Emotes are top tier!

un servidor que el idioma main es español pero tambien pueden entrar gente que habla ingles u otros idiomas, este es un server chill en el que puedes escuchar musica mientras juegas videojuegoso simplemente escuchar musica.

A place for adults 18+ to come for chat & postings , voice chat . Topics can be of anything of interest .

Hi, this is a realy nice server but its kinda dead i want to change that. this is server ware we talk about games and lots of other stuff. Feel free to join this server, i hope you join and make it active again .

Welcome to Exodius Gaming! We just started not too long ago and are seeking new players to join and enjoy our server! We are currently dedicated to DarkRP and Minecraft but are looking to expand to other games and game modes once we become bigger.

A server with fun and interesting bots, channels for everything and if there is something you want in the server, we will listen (depending on what you are suggesting) At the moment, this server is tiny and not known at all, so invite your friend.

A new Minecraft Bedrock survival server... what's the catch? The world size is 4000x4000, if you go further than 2000 blocks in either direction you start dying!

Comunidade para encontrar grupos para raids ou trocas, aceitamos jogadores te todo portugal mas jogadores de loures ou arredores terão vantagens

Have fun edgy

An awesome community will make you love!

This is a cannibal town roleplay! You may also be a human (or create your own monster!) . Our server is really tiny but we really do hope to grow! Join if you dare! This place does have a chance at becoming an event by event rp

wij zijn in staat om een van de grootste servers van Nederland te maken, we missen alleen maar mensen. we staan ook open voor partnerschappen. We zijn een sociale en ook een lekker gamende (vooral supercell games en playstation) server. Dus join zeker! :)

Welcome to my server! (Fiberz's Gaming Community) In this server, we just talk about games and chat about other things. This community is friendly and chill, you will be sure to meet new people to chat to and play with!