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thighs, depression, streamer-support, goth girls, many game selections, and a bunch of semi-active anti-social rejects.

The best discord server, Amazing for making friends, Amazing for having cool conversations, So many bonds have been created on this server!!

{ A server for everyon interested in tech } 💻 { everything from coding to - Memes 😁 } You can even add your own bot ! 😜🤖 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/840469171871023114/843847724053954560/standard.gif

There is zone for everyone Here you will find everything from a to z and if something is missing we will hear you and add it

small server, but will grow

We are LoneStar Trading and we want to invite you to our group to come trade and to come make some money! We make call outs, give advice and teach people the ropes of trading stocks!

We play all sorts of games together so come and join the fun, maybe you'll get special rewards the longer you're here such as free games and more! What's not to like huh? :)

È un server riguardante la grafica, possiamo parlarne, aiutarci e fare tante altre cose, che aspetti entra! It is a server concerning graphics, we can talk about it, help each other and do many other things, what are you waiting for, come in!🇬🇧

This is just a small server looking for members. Here you can make friends, chat with others, and talk about games with others. We strive to keep this server suitable for the younger side of discord members (13-15). I hope you can join! Thanks!

This server was created so that I can start a community of gamers, Discord users, and all types of people as a fun community.

This is a server from DGB, a roblox guy, who is having a group. U find everything there!

This is a role play and hang out section! Join us, roleplay, make friends, and talk with the mods + admins! Please invite your friends! Roleplay channel closed down till finished.

Nycteis welcomes you fellow Gamer, Programmer, Artist. We are searching for friendly people to chill with and active members We have : Cool bots with useful functionalities, fun members to hang on with and fair rules & moderators

We -Share Meme -Wholesome -Friendly -Love to play game -Easy Going

This is a growing server that accepts all LGBTQIA+ people regardless of race, disability or personality.

🍥 For Anime, Art & Cosplay Lovers 🌺 Very Nice Aesthetic Layout 🍡 Cute Emotes and Giveaways 🧁 Reaction Roles and Polls 🌷 Boosting/Voting Perks 🍭 Mental Health Support 🍨 Active Moderators 🍑