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We are a safe, accepting space for all women to play Among Us, other games, make some friends, & have fun! We accept only 18+ and those who identify as she/her, she/they, or/and she/her. We have a verification system to ensure the safety of the members!

Join this server to see the growth and development of one of the first well-made Disney World Simulation games in Virtual Reality.

A fun hang out for baby witches to grow and learn together. All witches and wonderers are welcome!

this is a server <3 you can talk and vc !! %

Join SIAM_AFK's discord server. Communicate with strangers and have friends.

Small server just there to chat and chill and play some games talk about anime play lotta League/Siege atm

Gaming, Connecting, and much more. https://discord.gg/pjQ9Xab - Invite code.

``------------star2 ------------ Welcome to Flatchests We love Girls with A-Cups or less. ------------star2------------

A community of all levels of photographers

Rogues Nation -- A Gamers Paradise -- ══════════════ This server is a gaming community aiming to help other gamers connect and find potential members while having a friendly chat environment! ══════════════ Visit: https://roguesnation.com/

8bit-Ramen, https://discord.gg/7hRp9W8, is a NA USA based gaming community for anyone and everyone to chat, find games to play with others, and have a great time.

Parcel is building Zillow for the metaverse. Come explore Virtual Real Estate listings from across the metaverse and compare or list your land for sale.

Hey all, we've decided to build a server around something we really care about, all games! It's a fresh new server, but we'd love to see this grow and be able to connect with people over a shared passion for all games.

This server is like a virtual hangout spot. You can listen to music, play games, and talk with anyone! Join in the fun, and expand your friend list!!

Création serveur est un serveur qui permet de passer des commandes totalement gratuitement pour créer votre serveur discord ! Nous pouvons aussi vous aider dans la configuration de votre serveur et de vos bots !


looking for fun people to talk/game with lmao