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Čau! Esam draudzīgs geimeru gang no Latvijas. Mums patīk pajokot, uzspēlēt spēles kopā un dažreiz pat pakasīties. Hehe.

Just a server I made as a joke kinda no rules and stuff

JNJ Network is a gaming community server mostly for our Minecraft server players. Get latest updates here and get yourself involved in the community!

Hello, Im Elliott aka the owner Irene is the co-owner, make sure to read the rules once you join :)

play games and chill innit

AMazing TD is a deep strategy game that focuses on building mazes in a competitive Tower Defense gameplay. Every map have distinct randomized tiles, which makes every game different.

Place for nerds to find peace, balance, meaning, knowledge & ideas. Social, science, classical music, opera, classic films, comics, eyebleach, movies, fantasy, scifi & general nerdy things. Is a SFW server.

Come Join the animaniacs server!

K9SW KRAFT is a free to join, open to all, Minecraft realm. There are minimal Rules, Raiding Is Allowed. You can go off on your own, of find a clan of partner to team up with, it's all up to you!

hello gamnigger, this server is total anarchy, you can say, post anything, chatting community

Science majors, Scientists, and traders working together in a discord server. Developing algorithms and AI to trade the markets.

Server to chat and meet new people