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This is an 18+ Female/Male-centric space designed to allow you to explore and express new and exciting ideas; make new friends, and escape into our awesome new world!

Pokémon Café Mix Lounge is a server dedicated to the game of the same name. Additionally, we also support general Pokémon discussions and baking discussions c: We support a leveling system and we plan to have plenty of custom emotes!

SMP: Survival Multiplayer Creative: Have access to the same seed as SMP and build wherever you want. To be able to build somewhere though, you first have to claim an area using a golden shovel. KitPVP: PvP with kits.

Libyan Discord Server Libya Libyan Discord Server Libya Libyan Discord Server Libya Libyan Discord Server Libya Libyan Discord Server Libya Libyan Discord Server Libya

The home of multiple growing streamers.

Smash Space is a server to designed to help people find others who have an interest in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. We host Casual tourneys every week ! We have a role for every character including all the DLC that have been announced thus far.

The Nerd Corner is looking for new members! ⚜PlayStation ⚜Xbox ⚜Nintendo ⚜PC ⚜Mobile ⚜Spoiler Chat ⚜The Weeb Hub ⚜Bots (Mudae, Eli, Pokecord, etc.) ⚜Mini Games ⚜Voice Channels ⚜Twitch/YouTube Streams and Videos

Hello kings and queens of the world....this is a new server do not much stuff but with your support ill be able to make my server best.... Please join waiting for you kings and queens Regards Icyking5 ADMIN

Anime or Valorant? How about Valoranime? A place where weebs and tryhards can come together and chat about their day if they want to, there is a gaming category for everyone who enjoys Valorant, there is an area for anime lovers who just want to chill!

Heya! This server is being started because a friend and I had the most wholesome League of Legends game ever. We were inspired to and wanted to create a place where genuine people could meet other wholesome people online. Hope to see you soon!

Join Today! We host a community Discord where you can share or ask for Roblox scripts, we have multiple bots and we have music, we are a community waiting to form! We also have donations if your into that :)

A dead by daylight group that is still growing most members are active throughout the day voice chats that allow you to talk when playing SWF and KYF and we are starting to host competitions with real prizes.

Looking for a server to chill and have fun? Sick and tired of all the dating and inactive servers? Well you've come to the right place! Join vegas vibes for all the fun in the world!

Protem Haulage is my first owned VTC which is inspired by my great-grandfather. Myself and him were so close to each other, Protem Haulage was known to him very well before he took his retirement. Sadly he passed away but this is a topic he always spoke t

A small Dungeons and Dragons-like roleplay server!

We are a upcoming server with custom features that have never been seen before. We have a dedicated staff team and we hope to see you there.