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We are the next upcoming Team in Esports.

A fun server for people to have a nice little chat or share some memes

The Ales Server is a server for all pokémon fans! You can have a chat with fellow fans, trade, battle, and we even have our own league! Feel free to have a look!

Things are Confusion....You don't know how, But You're currently trapped within a building with 15 other people in a life or death situation. It all happened so fast that you're still debating if it's real, or if it's all a dream?

The best discord server, Amazing for making friends, Amazing for having cool conversations, So many bonds have been created on this server!!

Gaming server with bots such as Pokecord and RPG. A community that is striving to be one of the best and to grow. All people are welcome. Join us to have fun!

There is zone for everyone Here you will find everything from a to z and if something is missing we will hear you and add it

Come amongst the galaxy! We roleplay, game, talk, make friends! No toxicity is allowed here, we have many bots to interact with as well!

A community-based server based off of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, featuring tournaments every other day, and giveaways on the mind :)

small server, but will grow

A server dedicated to TXT! Join to have some fun with Moa's and K-Pop stans all around the world! <3

We play all sorts of games together so come and join the fun, maybe you'll get special rewards the longer you're here such as free games and more! What's not to like huh? :)

Analysis/prediction/buy signal mainly on BTC (analysis with Elliott waves and all kind of method like that). Other crypto currency’s analysis and projection. Everyone is welcome !

This group is made for wholesome people to make new friendships worldwide. You must be at least 18+ to join the group. Also for people who are interested in reviving dead chats! NO inactive members!


This server was created so that I can start a community of gamers, Discord users, and all types of people as a fun community.