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Over 500+ members who game in a wide variety of genres.

Hope you have a great time on our server! See you there!

come join us at "Big bruh moment!" (look at long desc for more info<3)

This server is for discord bots!

Servidor para todos y para todas!

Stardust, the coolest server this side of the equator. -kinnie, endo, and mogai friendly. - verification system to avoid raids - cool bots, roles, and channels - we're all friendly here!

Just a chill server who want to vibe and have fun.

Gaming Community/Streamer discord Heavily into Destiny 2, Siege, Dead By Daylight, Temtem, and more!

Animal Crossing Community is a fun, all age, Discord server!

Get free robux!

Come hang! Join our judgment-free server and just vibe with us! We offer many categories and have 2 bot-chats, an all around server that has all your needs!

یکی از فعالترین چنل دیسکورد که میتوانید به گفتگو درباره بازیها کامپیوتری ، کنسول ، اندرویدی ، آی او اس و مشکلات بازیها پرداخته و حل کنید و همچنین نرم افزار ها کامپیوتری و اپلیکیشن های اندرویدی و برنامه ها آی او اس نیز شامل می شود.

In our server, we discuss or do anything gaming related. Does not have to be about Animal Crossing. We are a small community and are always looking forward to welcoming new members.

Just for people to chat, the server is small and with time will grow, the owner (me) will be the mod for now, message owner or mod for ideas or if anyone is making you uncomfortable

Verixel is an extremely new server based around BDSM and e-dating for people who are members of a gaming community, especially towards league-of-legends.

A easy, quality, and small server of emojis! There’s a wide variety of quality gif emojis, and just normal fun ones, such as emoji, anime & memes. With friendly mods to help you. (: