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Hello everyone, We are currently looking forward to expand our roster in the Gaming scene, so that is why we are reaching out here. Our server has good and helpful staff, automated-patchnotes, game-selection with titles, ticket-systems, streamers.

A server based on the AskReddit YouTube channel 'Reddit Stories'. We're also a wholesome community of gamers and creatives that like to share cool stuff! Come along and meet some new friends :)

Wrong server for peasants

Hello and welcome to Jocular Haven!!! This is the perfect server for peaceful chatting, relaxing and games!!!

NEDERLANDS: JPG Netwerk is een groot **Uniek** Netwerk die gebaseerd is op FiveM! Een voorbeeld is ArmyRP! (MilitaryRP!) Wij gebruiken ten alle tijden eigen gemaakte Scripts. Dus wij jatten geen enkele Script van andere mensen! Enjoy!

You want to have a Discord Server with a friendly community, a helpful team and many cool features to explain? Then stop wasting your time and join our amazing Discord Server! :)

join over 13,000 members

Its a professional rust team and we are looking for more people to join the server/try out for the team. Its a fun community

A small gaming community for people all around the world that like to play "their way", no quotas, no stress, no drama!

This server is a clan based role play where you create characters to join these houses in order to win territory.

Idk we make edgy humor and shit, uhh join this server. Pls.

If you’re looking for a place to chill, be weird and talk to other gamers and join in on customs then come join us! We have a lot of emotes to use too!

A server for sharing your favorite memes and winning a "Meme of the Week" competition with them. You can also hang out with friends and listen to some crazy tunes.

A buy and sell marketplace for streetwear, EXCLUSIVE to Australia. Perfect for those sick of paying taxes and shipping overseas. With our server you can get your listings to the local target market fast and easy!

Welcome to Camp Olympus: Origins! A safe haven for Demigods. Camp Olympus is set in the same Universe as Camp Half Blood, but with a different plot. In this server, Camp Half Blood was destroyed, and the Mortal World had died and gone insane.