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A fantasy/medieval themed server made for roleplay, making friends, DnD style fighting and just that much more!

✿ | RetroGirly | ✿ A Community for the girls and those who enjoy feminine spaces

We have anime discussions, game discussions, giveaways, special giveaways too, heists are coming soon when we reach 60 members and many more events..

𝑪𝑶𝑺𝑴𝑰𝑪 𝑭𝑳𝑨𝑹𝑬 ———————————————— Cosmic Flare is a welcoming and epic community server focused on giving people on Discord a safe and friendly place to chat, explore and have fun!

NEW GAMING SERVER! We aim to help people make new friends, and find people to play games with. While our main focus is Valorant, everybody is welcome here, because we play lots of other games too! Come join today <3 created by twitch.tv/keanu0724

Friendly and all-welcoming community!

VR and Chill is a community of gamers who dedicate their time to hang with members and meet new friends! We are seeking new members everyday!

• Cool rewards for inviting friends! • Friendly and fast growed community. • DAILY giveaways! ✪ Lot of more features such as polls, auto-memes, currency, levels... ✷More Coming Soon!

<3 discord server


hey, where a server with warm welcomes and were also looking for staff. besides from staff positions open we have a ton of cool things which you can do on our server including economy features and giveaways.

Welcome to our Fortnite Softaim server. Here we advertise and sell our private Fortnite cheat.

Hey! Are you a creator, an artist or a gamer? All are welcome to join our server! Friendly community, movie nights, giveaways and lots more!

Hello! This is my discord server, here you can talk about Minecraft and Citybuild in Minecraft. If you like Citybuild in Minecraft, you can join my server! Have fun playing!

Hello! We are a political roleplay server set in 1800's America. Run for public office, make laws, declare wars, make a business, and shape the fate of America.

Attractive Theme And Arrangement Of Channels Friendly Caring Community With Active Kind Staff Comfy Chat And Many Bots To Spend Quality Time With LGBTQ+ Friendly Black Theme And Aesthetics

We talk about all topics, whether its mechanical keyboards or game exploits, anime or movies.