Premium Dankers | Social • Giveaways • Karuta server icon
Premium Dankers | Social • Giveaways • Karuta

◆ ❴ PREMIUM DANKERS ❵ ◆ We are a Dank Memer based server, we do 100M+ worth of heists every day and have lots of events and giveaways.

Premium Dankers | Social • Giveaways • Karuta 43,025 members Join
Mystic・Spectral Realm・Nitro server icon
Mystic・Spectral Realm・Nitro

From this server, you can make many new friends, use bots, enjoy nitro giveaways and bot giveaways! Thank You for joining!

Mystic・Spectral Realm・Nitro 9,811 members Join
Midnight - revamping... server icon
Midnight - revamping...

Midnight Cafe is a place for everyone to come and feel welcome. We host frequent giveaways and events too!

Midnight - revamping... 7,172 members Join
The Rooftop server icon
The Rooftop

Dank Memer-based community server with active staff and members! Over 5,000 users and frequent events and giveaways <3

The Rooftop 7,060 members Join
Kohicha server icon

🥇 Free Giveaways & Events | Social Anime Community | Self promotion | ton of Emojis | Fun Games | Bots | Make Friends | Chill | Memes | Active | Support

Kohicha 4,090 members Join
Monzter Minions server icon
Monzter Minions

6500 Adorable Minions ready to collect & protect on IMX! ~ Over $215,000 USD in giveaways to our community & charities. ~ Open world PvE RPG game. Earn NFTs/Airdrops. ~ 112 Guardian Collection VX metaverse avatar. ~ Pre-loaded DAO vault with 35 ETH.

Monzter Minions 4,702 members Join
🔥 • Ќɨnǥđøm øf Ħɇłł | Chatting • Emojis • Stickers • Chill • Giveaways | WE ARE NOT SATANISTS! server icon
🔥 • Ќɨnǥđøm øf Ħɇłł | Chatting • Emojis • Stickers • Chill • Giveaways | WE ARE NOT SATANISTS!

500 of the GREATEST emojis! 👾💗 Most wonderful ACTIVE community! 🎀✨ AMAZING giveaways! 🤑🎁 CUSTOM BOT & ECONOMY 🤖💵

🔥 • Ќɨnǥđøm øf Ħɇłł | Chatting • Emojis • Stickers • Chill • Giveaways | WE ARE NOT SATANISTS! 83,982 members Join
Eunioa | Social • Giveaways • Hangout • Emotes + Emojis server icon
Eunioa | Social • Giveaways • Hangout • Emotes + Emojis


Eunioa | Social • Giveaways • Hangout • Emotes + Emojis 1,733 members Join
Giveaway Vault server icon
Giveaway Vault

Giveaway Vault is a giveaway server that does giveaway for Nitro and much more!

Giveaway Vault 1,731 members Join
we can win LOL server icon
we can win LOL

League of Legends Giveaways & Tournaments Become Poro King|Queen ! Discord Nitro Giveaways for ALL

we can win LOL 1,019 members Join
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