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Budding community with a passion for helping people to learn java. Whether beginner or advanced, you are welcome.

Come on over and hang out with us!

We sell/trade every thing from any game possible in roblox that's not all, our prices are the cheapest ones out in the whole market. Come join us for the best things with lowest prices possible.

Expanding Gaming site for a lot of games. We started as War of Rights and decided to expand to other games we play, now we want to open to other people that just want to play games in pace with other friends that love the games as much as we do.

**New** server dedicated to gaming, movies and music. There’s also a channel for NSFW pics. Join us and help us grow!

Share, collaborate, advertise, and discuss your creative ideas, projects, and more.

If you like $uicideboy$ or FTP you'd love our discord come join!

Under construction...

Fans of Justin Bieber.

Luplexity are a community based around Tech, Memes and Gaming! We host regular give-aways, and host frequent challenges WITH PRIZES! We also have a range of animated and non-animated emotes, for everyone to use and enjoy!

𝒙𝑺𝒑𝒐𝒕𝒕𝒆𝒅 πŸ’Ž is a discord server on which you can find lounges to advertise, daily giveaways and lots of other stuff!

RX Support & Bot Community

Lawless is a server based on making friends, hanging out with new people from all over the world. This thrown in with other subjects for each persons hobbies and needs, lawless is the perfect server to kick back and relax.

Join our discord and have a chance to win discord nitros! (up to 1 year)

We are a group of individuals who take part in any aspect of HF, UHF, and VHF radio transmission and receiving. Most of us have a passion for DXing. DXing is considered to be the activity of hunting and tracking distant or far away radio transmissions.