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Welcome to Camp Olympus: Origins! A safe haven for Demigods. Camp Olympus is set in the same Universe as Camp Half Blood, but with a different plot. In this server, Camp Half Blood was destroyed, and the Mortal World had died and gone insane.

PC Gaming, Automation, Tech reviews, and more! Our Community is Growing Fast! We play games, mod, and even do some 3D printing

Friendly 16+ server welcoming magical practitioners from all walks of life, practice, and beliefs- including forms and traditions typically considered “dark” or “baneful”; lots of roles, plenty of rooms, & much more!

We are here to create a realism server for our members to enjoy, We've reached our goal of 20 members, we're now going to start hosting sessions and our new goal is to get as many active people in our session as possible so this place can thrive.

Satan's RuneScape Marketplace

We are a new casual social server with a friendly, LGBTQ+ positive atmosphere, self-assignable roles, gaming, upcoming events & more! Come hang out with us!

Yoooooooo @@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Join here and let's play some League Of Legends ~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!

This server is Space Snow! We invite you to join and help create a bigger friendly community on the server!

Join for an ultimate roleplay experience!

This is a discord server for anyone. New members totally welcome! Chat about video games to other more general topics.

Hi all we r a furry and friendly community so head over here to our server,We have: °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° °Self-assigned Roles °Minecraft °Voice chats °Music °Art °Roleplay °Fun Bots °LGBT °Moderates °And plenty more coming~

Legends of the Giant Finn McCool is a weekly one shot RPG run by DM Finn McCool on Roll20 using D&D 5e. The server is community minded and we welcome RPG players from every system and with any level of experience. Join & jump in one of our games.

You need to join this we are a condo game that puts out condos daily every time a game gets taken down someones on it we previously had 100+ members but ended up getting raided if you join your in for a good time ;)

✦ Musical Mayhem ✦ ✸Hey everyone , here are this server's features✸ : -Music based server / We love Memes / Awesome currency games (Dank Memer) / Purchasable roles / Boosting perks / Singing contests / Giveways / Invite competitions / Streams &more

An official indian music server , artists perform live sessions, fun emotes and lot of other things...

VagueAgency a Discord bot with nearly every feature you can think of, as well as a dedicated development team.