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Cute girl who needs some attention and have a love to share nudes. :)

British server to chill n dat ygm

Unofficial english Community server for the multiplayer survival game called Last Day Rules: Survival. Best server

This is a discord server for giveaways for Saber Simulator. We do giveaways like rarities of moon and double moon! We also have goals to expand our community. It’s still in progress, so we will do along the way.

fG discord server


Welcome to fG! The name doesn't really have any significance, it's just two letters on the keyboard. :) We are a kind community that plays games, chats and watches TV and anime.

Just a group of gamers focused on valorant, cod, fortnite, and other misc. games

EVERGLORY is an homage to the classics which defined the Real-Time Strategy genre. Experience the epic story through a lengthy and varied single-player campaign, then create your own scenarios and write the next chapter yourself.

Out main goal is to have fun.

wElCoMe to my server!!!!

A server to hang out and chill with others, make friends and enjoy your time in this fun community :)

Come join the community (basically it's just for fun and for people to hangout)

talk you can talk about gaming or just chat or roleplay

A server for the gaming community to connect with each other.

Two dog packs, in a world where the twolegs are scarce... When a meteor hits, the dogs start developing powers, and end up going against mythical beasts and deadly enemies. The real question remains- what’s hiding up in the mountains?

Welcome to the gulag