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Hi, Welcome to my Community Built Server! I’m trying to make this server grow and want it to be how everyone wants it so if you can join it would mean the world to me! ═════════════════════════════════════════════

β•”β•β•β•Β°βˆ΄,β‹…βœ²β•β•γ€–βœ°γ€—β•β•βœ²β‹…,βˆ΄Β°β•β•β•β•— ✰ Hero No Izou ✰ A BNHA/MHA Role-play based in an AU. You're able to make your own quirks and characters. Come join to meet a full community of friendly people and role-play 50 years ahead of your own time! We hope you join!

Kalamandir (natively bopo KalamandΓ­r) is an artlang (conlang for artistic purposes) designed by me, @mongsap betΓ©ng#1005. It is spoken on the fictional planet Yorba (YΓ³rΓ«ba in Kalamandir) by the Kalamandir tribe.

We are a new community willing to give it our all so everyone can enjoy their time amongst others. We strive to be a strong community, for all to kick back & relax and make friends. Not only do we strive to be strong, but also to be supportive for others

Fun Place to hang out

A friendly, open gaming/talking community welcoming everyone.

AMazing TD is a deep strategy game that focuses on building mazes in a competitive Tower Defense gameplay. Every map have distinct randomized tiles, which makes every game different.

πŸ€”You can advertise anything you want here, there are no requirements. Come join us today.πŸ€” πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈWe always search partners. Your just need to have a discord server with 50+ members.πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

A server I made for my Twitch followers and subs from YouTube

Under construction...

Hello Ever wanted a developer on your game well come here!

this is my discord server. from youtube uitvinder pompo.

This is a Marvel RP server that takes inspiration from both the MCU and Marvel Comics to create our own world. Here you can interact with eachother and build your own character arcs. Besides Roleplay we got some bots set up so you can do other stuff too!

Make friends, socialize, use Mikaa, be happy and have fun! We are waiting for you.