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Meme Madness is a free-to-enter single-elimination style tournament where competitors create memes against each other to win a prize pool!

This is a server for all kinds of people and interests. Tired of mods, admins and server owners not paying attention? Then you are welcome here! We are currently under development and going to host gaming and other events in future!

The new official Big Sean Discord! Here you can find news from him, discuss him, and chill/talk with people!

We are a community of friendly people and would love to have you along for the ride. We don't have very much to offer, cause well, we are just like any other anime server.

In Tame's TreeHouse you could do many things to have fun. we're a chill community that doesn't discriminate against anyone! We care about all our members and my goal is to make everyone feel comfortable and have fun. We have multiple things we could do he

In The Saviors we are a friendly community that do what ever as long as its not braking the rules. -We chill and hang. -We do Movie Night. -we drop free accounts and programs. -we also drop crack packs. -we do giveaways.

Welcome to Delnecgao’s official discord server, we have: General discussion 💬 Game discussion 🎮 Waifu/husbando collection ❤️ Weird shop 💰 Music 🎧 Maybe teasers by me 👀 And more 🤩 Why not join?

This is a server for Politics, debating, & some gaming. We have been a Discord server since 2017 & has many different activities from Religious Learning of the Klan to education and more! Join now: https://discord.gg/88gfZbv

The International Tobacco Community is a friendly smokers community with members from all around the globe. We discuss everything tobacco related (Cigarettes, Cigars, Pipes, cannabis, E-Cigarettes). This server is a chill spot! (Cars, Politics)

Professional KartRider Rush+ competitive team.

CheapMC | CheapMC gta We are a Company that sells minecraft servers for a very cheap price We have: :Weekly Giveaways :Going to add skyblock and bedwars to our minecraft server, we have the cheapest minecraft servers!

join our new chill anime server! lots of fun bots, new friends, anime, and more!

Twitch Café is a discord server for twitch (and youtube) streamers to meet streamers

Come Join this upcoming programming community! This server is based on the tutorial site csprogramming.center . Find help for your project, look for projects, or look for members for your own projects!

Welcome Chub Tiers 𝕯𝖃 ,a 15-25 age community server for those who are Chubby, chubby appreciators, and those who may be or want to know the feederism fetish We revamp and refurbished the server for your comfortable means.

Lochai is a chill lofi server full of active people. It is complete with memes, custom emotes, and numerous chat channels.