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Bill From ACNH's Epic hangout. We play Animal crossing, Roblox, Minecraft, and other games. Everyone is welcome, and we are trying to grow!

SpongeCraft is a Minecraft server network dedicated to prisons. We are currently in development and need of teams/players.

Just chat, make new friends, roast the crap out of everyone. This server is made for people who are NOT SENSITIVE. If you can take a funny joke please join we need more of you! There will be a lot of roles coming soon. Just have fun :)

The Discord Bot List that strives to provide all Discord Bots & Bot Devs With a little bit of Freedom!!

This is a discord server for giveaways for Saber Simulator. We do giveaways like rarities of moon and double moon! We also have goals to expand our community. It’s still in progress, so we will do along the way.

Out main goal is to have fun.

Discord server pro FiveM rp server.

Welcome to a SFW Hey Arnold! fan server. It has watch parties, emojis, memes, roleplaying, username colors of your choosing, MEE6 custom commands/messages, leveling up, spamming, custom username colors, and fun bots to play with, including groovy, mudae

Do You Like Hentai And All That Good Stuff (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)? Well Then We Are The Place For You 😳 We Provide 11 channels Worth Of Hentai Just For You 😱

A server to hang out and chill with others, make friends and enjoy your time in this fun community :)

talk you can talk about gaming or just chat or roleplay

If you like walter the meme dog and want to protect him, consider joining our Armed Forces.

Triple S Ark Server

The Official Server Of Havoc E-Sport #HavocReached , Founded in 2020 , Professionals in the field of games

It's like every other anime server, but we don't talk about anime.

Welcome to the gulag