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This is the official Discord server for Vector, where users can hang out, chat, and share their enthusiasm. We also have just started a CSGO team along with more upcoming teams and games!

A place to feel included, social and just all around hangout during the corona virus quarantine!

Whether you're an artist or just need someone to talk to, Reporter's Inspiration is the place to be!

Offensive server with few rules. Do anything as long as you stick to the rules. No spam

This server is a family-friendly community surrounding the up and coming Minecraft YouTuber, HalfSkeleton. In this server, you can find people to play games with, make friends and much more!

We Are Gamers Unite Gamers Unite Is A Hangout // Gaming Server Where You Can MAKE NEW FRIENDS! TALK ABOUT GAMES HANGOUT & CHAT!!!

its a server were we all can talk and have fun, it has a small number of bots to avoid clutter, were always nice and friendly

A super interactive server meant for videogames and interacting with other people!

just a spot to come vibe. literally join and do nothing idc. fuck yeah

- active server - simple rules - fun bots - organised accesible channels - pick up lines ! - different interests (anime, gaming, etc) - manual roles - café theme based - events

A community of gamer who also post lewd BDSM content of porn, hentai, and selfies. Meme/Anime Emotes. BDSM Roles. Verification Required for lewd. LGBTQ+ COMMUNITY!

Volere Café is a new and growing roblox café group. We offer a great community, food, and other great things. We wish to become more popular and lend a hand out to others. Join today and see the amazing community for yourself!

Hey everyone!! We are a fairly new, very welcoming community looking to expand our member count! We have multiple different channels for different things and fun bots to mess around with. We also have a wide variety of roles and colors to pick from!

This server is all about meeting new people and sharing memes and listening to music and playing video games in general we're just a community trying to grow and learn new things.

A growing discord server. There are 200 emotes and 240 self-assignable roles, so that you can fully express yourself. Main focuses include general chatting, roleplay, games, memes, anime and some more. We truly hope you enjoy.