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The official Discord meme server! The server is censorship-free. If you consistently post quality memes you will achieve higher ranks with more benefits! The Server is very active. Rules: Do not spam.

Become a part of the best community known as SKILLCORD!

I want all Asian cutie egirls and eboys to in the server American asian European Asian all welcome anyone is welcome to


This community is for players of Our World, a mobile game from Next Games based around The Walking Dead.

⚖️ **Pyron - Mock Parliament**📜 Pyron is a brand new server dedicated to politics and a roleplay parliament! We want everyone to have their own input into building a nation, writting legislation or running for office

A place where a bunch of active crew members get together and play Among Us as a community!

Hi guys, I'm a streamer turning to youtube. Fun I know. Currently a creator of a new mobile game. (Like lords mobile and ect) Will be throwing renew content up soon, which livstreams. Chances to win gift cards. Would love for you all to join.

An Eevee-oriented server for everyone!

A community that mainly focuses on one of the many ships from the show Steven Universe: Lapis and Peridot! Come and join in on the fun! We offer NSFW, memes, bots, etc.

MPU server is for mobile try hards and anime freaks. Focused on mobile games like CODM-PUBGM and more.

Welcome youngling to the jedi high council. Hmmm. Great things I sense in you. Bring balance to the force you will. Offering you a seat on the council I am.

-Friendly and active owner & co-owner -Pokemon bots (Myuu and Pokeverse) -Waifu/husbando bots (Mudae and Bongo) -Gaming section -YouTube section -Chat section -Meme section -Music section -Spam section -Many other bots!